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Fixed it! I had to improvise an output socket—I harvested the original one when I thought this player was beyond repair, but this was my childhood Spectrum cassette recorder so I made the effort to fix it. #HiFi #ZXSpectrum

Cassette recorder with an improvised earphone socket made from a small breadboard and some jumper wires. There’s a resistor for decoration but it’s not serving any electronic purpose. The breadboard has been optimistically labelled “HI-FI”.Overhead photo of the cassette recorder showing lots of patina from decades of wear and tear. It’s dusty, scratched and worn with a small faceplate around the tape counter missing. A red cassette tape can be seen through the deck window. The label reads: SKATE OR DIE; DOUBLE DECKER TAPES.A modified ZX Spectrum with a white key mat and a shiny RTS sticker (see RoseTintedSpectrum on YouTube dot com).