Robert Morrison

Beep beep beep, doot doot de doot! It’s actually working now. #zxspectrum #rs232 #raspberrypi

ZX Spectrum 128 ("Toast Rack") connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 via RS232/USB

Added a stereo-to-mono hack to my audio-out mod. It’s how MacGyver loaded up Bad Dudes vs. DRAGONNINJA back in the day. What can you not do with a patch wire, a crocodile clip and some BluTac?

Fisher-Price cassette recorded connected to a ZX Spectrum 128K using an improvised connecting wire.

¡patatas bravas! 🥵 🌶 😋

Oh no!! What have I done?! #Skynet #ZXSpectrum 🤖 🌈

Upgrade time! Needed an external cassette player for my ZX Spectrum (the inbuilt one can be fussy with older tapes, especially cheapo magazine covertapes) so I made a quick audio-out mod to my trusty Fisher-Price. 🎵 👾

Classic Fisher-Price™ children's cassette recorder repurposed as a data tape loader for ZX Spectrum

D’awww! Look how cute it is! #C64 😻

Commodore 64 with SD2IEC+ attachedSD2IEC+ disk drive emulator

Tha dongle ùr agam! ’S e SD2IEC+ airson Commodore 64 a th’ann, bho @futurewas8bit

Commodore 64

Well as it’s Thursday night I’d usually be out at the discotheque cutting rug and throwing shapes; but on this particular Thursday I’ve been putting together a Z80 development toolchain

Splice, splice, baby.

Uh oh

I think this means we’re getting somewhere. 3.3v TTY to +12v RS232. Networkin’ like it’s 1983.

A Fatal Case of Tinsellitis / Taynuilt Medical Practice / Saint Conan’s Kirk Christmas Tree Festival 2019

Successfully execute a Perfect Dodge to activate Witch Time. 💃

Death Stranding / PlayStation 4 / SIEE / 2019

The Pokey Hat 🍦

ice-cream cone and ice-cream shop in Oban



A real fixer-upper opportunity 👻

See ‘aitch eye pea ess 🍟

Love, uh… finds a way. 🌹

Life, uh… finds a way🦕