👀 DualShock 4 paired to a @RetroBitGaming MegaDrive Bluetooth receiver, hooked up to a @futurewas8bit DivMMC Future (acting as a Kempston joystick interface) with a Raspberry Pi (to provide the missing +5v that a MegaDrive would supply) 🕹 #ZxSpectrum #Small #Faraway

ZX Spectrum joustick test programSony PlayStation Dualshock 4 being used to play Bionic Commando

Really good interview on the latest @TheDCJunkyard podcast—Stefan Holmqvist, who was producer on the (amazing, and ahead of its time) Dreamcast game Headhunter, talks about working with Sega to produce the game and the drama along the way.

The old tape recorder was making awful crackling noises so (after ruling out PKE interference) I cleaned out the badly oxidized volume/tone sliders and audio sockets. And fixed about half a dozen bad solder joints. And now…it works again! #WhoYouGonnaCall? #ZXSpectrum 👻

exposed electronic components of a cassette recorderZX Spectrum, Dixons cassette recorder, Ghostbusters 1984 video game

When yon AMSTRAD BBS gets a bit existential 🤔. Are any of us really here?! 👾

Beep beep beep, doot doot de doot! It’s actually working now. #zxspectrum #rs232 #raspberrypi

ZX Spectrum 128 ("Toast Rack") connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 via RS232/USB

Added a stereo-to-mono hack to my audio-out mod. It’s how MacGyver loaded up Bad Dudes vs. DRAGONNINJA back in the day. What can you not do with a patch wire, a crocodile clip and some BluTac?

Fisher-Price cassette recorded connected to a ZX Spectrum 128K using an improvised connecting wire.

Oh no!! What have I done?! #Skynet #ZXSpectrum 🤖 🌈

Upgrade time! Needed an external cassette player for my ZX Spectrum (the inbuilt one can be fussy with older tapes, especially cheapo magazine covertapes) so I made a quick audio-out mod to my trusty Fisher-Price. 🎵 👾

Classic Fisher-Price™ children's cassette recorder repurposed as a data tape loader for ZX Spectrum

Well as it’s Thursday night I’d usually be out at the discotheque cutting rug and throwing shapes; but on this particular Thursday I’ve been putting together a Z80 development toolchain

I think this means we’re getting somewhere. 3.3v TTY to +12v RS232. Networkin’ like it’s 1983.

A Fatal Case of Tinsellitis / Taynuilt Medical Practice / Saint Conan’s Kirk Christmas Tree Festival 2019

Successfully execute a Perfect Dodge to activate Witch Time. 💃